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Feeling Messy?
Let's Talk. 

Online therapy with a sense of humor for frazzled and frustrated women in Michigan and Florida. 

Lisa Hess, MA LPC


You're not lazy.
You're just overwhelmed.

I work with women who are trying really hard to keep their shit together. They tend to have two speeds: zero or 100. They rest but never really feel relaxed. When they do take time to rest they’re still thinking about all the things they “should” be doing. Things constantly feel disorganized, like there’s no way to get ahead of all the chaos.

They don’t feel good enough.

They’re burned out as hell.

My clients expect a lot of themselves and beat themselves up for mistakes. There’s a version of themselves they want to be but it always seems out of reach. It’s hard to let go of that version of yourself. You imagine that if you just try hard enough, you can be that person who accomplishes All The Things!, stays organized, and doesn’t feel so damn tired so often.

Why is it hard to let go of that person? Because it feels like giving up. Like accepting imperfection. But comparing yourself to that person is eating away at your happiness. So, something needs to change. It is possible to silence that voice in your head that whispers “not good enough”. It’s possible to be kinder to yourself, to find more patience with yourself and others.

There is a version of you that’s happier. And it starts with a click.
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