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Hey. I'm Lisa. 

Therapy is all about discovery. I love untangling all the weird and wonderful threads that make up who we are. I help my clients discover the best parts of themselves and uncover the parts they’re afraid no one will understand; the parts they’re ashamed of, the parts of themselves they’ve abandoned in order to get by. Together we untangle the patterns that have kept you stuck.


My clients enjoy asking the "why" questions. They want to deconstruct patterns to better understand themselves. I find my clients make awesome progress when they understand those patterns while creating concrete steps towards changing them.

I live for those moments when we’ve hit therapy gold, those “HOLY SHIT" moments where your brain opens up to a whole new world of self-awareness. The place where change happens. 


Don’t get me wrong. Therapy isn’t always self-love, meditation and positive affirmations. Therapy gets hard. We’re looking at parts of ourselves that we don’t always want to see, or we’ve been taught to ignore. That's uncomfortable. But we can ease into it. Let’s get you on the other side.


So let’s talk. We’ll figure it out.

About Me

Enthusiastic project starter, occasional project finisher. Professional nap artist. Procrastinator. Nature enthusiast. Boxer, weight lifter. Fluent in sarcasm and memes. Someone who says "yay!" unironically. Daughter, sister, aunt, mom, wife, feminist, gardener. Not necessarily in that order. I like short walks on the beach and staring at my phone during sunsets. Mother to three, wife to one, owner of one asshole dog. 

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